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Retreats | Workshops | Classes | August 21-22, 2021

9:30-12:30 PST | 18:30-21:30 CET

Relating from the Heart : Self-relation, Self-regulation and happiness for all

The Happiness of Being in Self-Relationship


Dear friends, You are invited and welcome to join our 2-day workshop this August 21 and 22. You can register here.


This didactic-experiential workshop combines an understanding of nervous system regulation processes together with the clarity of experiencing our reality as pure intelligence - awareness. This is the intelligence that, right here and right now, experiences this body writing while in you, it experiences awareness of this body reading.

Uncover heart-based, meaningful relationships

Our focus is happiness, the one that can only be found when we are at peace with ourselves. A heart-based relationship implies that we are open to our own heart, and are able to witness our life and personal identity in the light of love. How else could we possibly be open to loving others?

Physiology has a lot more to do with this than most of us may have realized. Together we can discover and experience the principles of self-regulation and self-relation in a safe group environment. Together we enter the realm of being - satisfaction.

We are continually engaging in a relationship with ourselves

That is the starting point to our relationship with other people, all the objects and beings around us, and nature and the universe. The quality of our relationship with ourselves plays a determining role in the quality of our life. We only experience life within ourselves - it always comes to that. Being able to render our self-relation as love is therefore vital.

Healthy relationships promote the health, well-being, and growth of all parties involved. If we are unable to maintain loving self-relation it will be the same with the external world, and all kinds of problems result. This is the reality of many people’s lives.

In this workshop, I would like to invite you to gather your heart and face and get them to know each other better. We will uncover how the heart and face are biologically connected moment by moment, and how simple it is to allow the heart and face to regulate each other towards openness and well-being.

Only then do our relationships with others come from love, from true understanding. Only then can we treat the (apparent) other as ourselves. Only then can an "other" truly know that we know that they exist and share their being with us, the one who is aware.

Together we can put these notions to the test, as we relate from this distinct vantage point. We have the possibility of recognizing that happiness in relationship begins with I.

All participants receive a recording package containing edited practical experiments and dialogue after the workshop.

$180 /  €153 for both days | Inquire about scholarship work exchange

Participants whose 1st language is not English can request translation to Spanish or Italian where needed for comprehension


Ask yourself sincerely: Is it true that right here, right now, all is not well? Is it really true?

If the answer is yes, then an objectified part (a nervous-system generated fragment) is unrelated from you, the witness of the truth of experience at this moment.

We can look into noticing, acknowledging and then naturally welcoming these fragments. As these objects begin to know that you know that they exist (you love them), they release their energy and information to you, they come up to date with the flow of life, you come into your own presence and rejoice...because All is Well.

This simple experiment applies at all times, when alone or when with "others". You can try it at any time and verify its goodness for yourself...