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*Experiments in Relational Safety*

Dear friend, thank you for reading this! Since I am not a writer I rely on other means to share what I wish. This sharing is the goal in itself, it is not a means to an other end. You who are aware of reading taking place within you, it is to you that this is addressed.

I've recently written words that could be construed as a method, yet what I am writing about has no how, no why, no where or when. Basic explanations about logic or physiology are just that - they illustrate knowledge that we can share with the intentional (conscious) use of our mental capacities.

We propose a simple dialectic, or in the language of information science, an algorithm. You could say it is an algorithm of freedom, liberation, well being or simply, ease.

However, we can only allude to who we are (whoever it is that is aware of this thinking, reading, writing) in a more creative way, and this happens mostly when we meet and share our experiences. The ideas are just illustrative pointers - logical steps that we might follow if we are interested enough to find out if they are true - that what they point to a logical result as an inevitable solution to a set of problems. The most interesting ´problem´of interest here is happiness. In this context happiness goes beyond its meaning as a lack of suffering and into the realm of All-Is-Wellness - a clear and subtle joy that arises from the direct witnessing of our experience.

Today I am sharing two distinct videos from our relational dynamics meetings. We now have enough repeated experiences implementing this algorithm such that we have verified, together, that this particular form of inquiry (the algorithm) can bring us repeatedly and reliably to insights about our original condition - All-Is-Wellness. This happens instantly, as you can see. Both segments are bilingual with translations.

A clip about noticing a lack in oneself equivalent to "feeling inferior" | Bilingual


A clip about inquiring into the parts of the self | Bilingual

The conscious use of the mind discovers the exciting truth of bi-directional relational safety. This dissolves apparent separation between you and any object within your experience. It is Somatic Science®'s organic approach to non-dual awareness.

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