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Somatic Experiencing™ sessions are extremely valuable for patients/clients with trauma histories, whether physical, emotional or sexual.  Federico’s kind, calm & supportive manner and insightful interventions have been well-accepted and heartfully embraced by patients referred to his care.”

Dr. Brian Bouch MD - Founder, Hill Park Medical Center | Petaluma, CA | 707-778-3171

“Federico would be a tremendous asset to any Integrative program. I recommend him to you without reservation.”

Dr. Daniel Vicario MD - Integrative Oncologist & Medical Director, San Diego Cancer Research Institute | Encinitas, CA | 760-634-6661


”Federico’s healing work successfully integrates sound scientific theory with traditional methods in a way that truly helps those who seek his care. I sincerely recommend him to my patients who suffer from any sort of nervous system dysfunction such as stress and anxiety disorders.” 

Dr. Robert Cherney MD - Carmel Valley Family Practice | San Diego, CA | 858-755-0084


One of the primary results of our work with clients is the separation of fear from immobility - a key dynamic that keeps the ANS bound in a state of freeze and dissociation.

We help regulate and increase the physiological energy available for healing and normal functioning by helping the organism complete the stress response cycle, thereby allowing cortisol and adrenaline their return to a normal homeostatic resting level.  As heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and sleep cycles are restored to their normal status, the vast energy allocated to surviving a life-threatening or overwhelming experience can be used to enjoy life.

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