Somatic Science Specialty : Consciously Experience Now

Consciousness is the explicit ground of our entire approach - Somatic Science. Often this remains unseen to the client due to the pressing nature of their overall condition.
Some people respond directly to the perfume of presence (the call of conscience), with natural attunement to the coherence and transparency of the now.
Conscious experiencing has an instant, ongoing and practical effect in our day-to-day life. It is an experience equivalent to meditation in action: Witnessing, acknowledging and welcoming every experience that presents to us. This is the unfolding of true human happiness, which has no cause that can be perceived.
Its dynamic is threefold:
Witness, acknowledge and welcome the manifestation of the functions of the body (including feelings and bodily sensations)
-Therapeutic Inquiry-
Witness, acknowledge and welcome the functions of the mind -Dialectical Inquiry-
Witness, acknowledge and welcome the apparent external world perceived by our senses
Conscious experiencing results in liberating the witness from suffering, allowing the experience of oneself as spaciousness, lightness and compassion -All Is Well.
Our coaching process can at times run parallel to therapeutic sessions.