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Hello dear friend, thank you for being a subscriber to my website. I truly value your kindness and support over the last 10 years.

Today I want to communicate some special aspects of this therapeutic model. Somatic Scienceoperates in the nonconceptual realm, referencing pure biological energy with neurocognitive information in the form of insight.

This is a model that supports our experiences towards happiness and wellbeing.

It incorporates multiple aspects of Classical Qigong, Classical Chinese medicine, SE™, the polyvagal theory and our own Relational Dynamics.

The full experience of here and now is the beginning, the middle and the end of a sublime tapestry woven together with our perceptions & thoughts as pure intelligence threads the needle into splendor

This is a dialectical model emphasizing non-conceptual therapeutic inquiry. It utilizes the scientific method with volitional, titrated metacognition of experiential objects. Experiential objects consist of bodily behaviors, sensations (interoception), sense perceptions of the environment (exteroception) and apperceptions that our nervous system abstracts from these in the form of images, feelings or meaning.

The human experience of happiness is our one and only goal. The dialectics of Somatic Science™ are constructed to remove unhappiness, not to add happiness. Happiness is already our present-moment experience. This is why whoever happens to consider our dialectic rediscovers happiness instantly.

Happiness is a non-conceptual experience. You can't think about it. Either I am happy right now, or I am not; and my face knows it!

Happiness is simply the absence of suffering, accompanied by the experiences of peace, joy and tranquility that our nervous system communicates energetically. The common denominator of this experience is expansion or lightness.

Unhappiness is also quite simply an experience of unease, intensity or overwhelming activation that the nervous system relays to us energetically. The common denominator of this experience is contraction or density.

These are non-conceptual experiences that we have all lived before, are living right at this very moment, and will live until our bodies cease to function. They are basic to the core of our bodily existence.

We don't need to focus on trauma or challenges; we attend to what you and I, and everyone else wants and needs right now, everywhere: peace and tranquility in daily life

As we contact the flow of life energies within, our experience right now might trend towards expansion, relaxation. Or our experience right now might trend towards contraction, tightness.

If you are the intelligence behind the awareness of your body breathing and reading these words, could it be that you are neither expanding nor are you contracting?

That which you are aware of (your body-based perceptions) is an experiential object, and simple logic yields that the observer of an object cannot possibly be that which it observes. This fallacious thinking is the source of all superstition. Our body experience is part of an infinite continuum of energetic transformations that flow from the manifestation to the dissolution or dissipation of form. Intelligence manifests itself in an infinite process of merging with and being transformed by primordial energy. If you claim that your body is a special object that is self-aware, you can ask your body this:

Are you, body, aware that I am aware that you exist right here, right now?

A body cannot ask this question of itself. But you, the intelligence behind it can.

If at this very moment our experience trends towards contraction, we simply allow it to be, and naturally it will reach its maximum point of manifested intensity - when it will begin to move towards expansion and openness. If at this very moment our experience trends towards expansion, we simply allow it to be, and naturally it will reach its maximum point of relaxation - when it will begin to move back towards localization and manifestation. You, the observer of it, will not have changed. Somatic Experiencing™, the polyvagal theory, classical qigong and classical Chinese medicine all are based on this principle because this is the fundamental principle of the functioning of nature. This is also the primary principle of physics, cell biology and inorganic chemistry.


When we experienced ongoing unhappiness as children, our experience of life was being managed by a level of intelligence regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This management is controlled by a specialized defensive mechanism that we evolved from prehistoric amphibians and share with all other vertebrates - the threat response cycle (TRC). When our life experience is regulated thus, then it is an involuntary process that we experience as suffering.

This form of regulation involves energetic binding at the cellular level and requires the highest amounts of physiological energy to maintain. It is not meant to last longer than a few minutes, yet in us it may have lasted a lifetime. Our primordial intelligence has been tricked by natural selection into a very complicated form of support for a problem that no longer exists. If we ask ourselves this question sincerely, we can find our way out of this conundrum:

As I guide my body slowly and gently to look around this place where it is located, I ask myself sincerely: Is it true that right here in this place and right now at this very moment All is Not Well?

The experience of unhappiness or bondage takes root in the nervous system due to adverse childhood experiences (ACE) that cause developmental or persistent trauma. Developmental trauma is actually a generalized form of self-relational rupture. Different parts of the bodily sensors and neurons we use to process information about here-and-now at any given moment become de-emphasized, giving predominance to organs, sensors and neurons that manage the TRC or part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This part of the ANS is not self-relational because its focus is on detecting threatening objects - the flow of attention is one-directional.

This approach re-activates our innate relational capacities by intentionally and behaviorally energizing different aspects of the vagus nerve, as well as other nerve and energy centers in the body.

You cannot access it by any objective means since it is not a function of any thing. It has no how, why or when to it. it simply IS. Happiness is to know our self as the intelligence that is at this very moment perceiving my body writing and your body reading, right now.

To be happy is for wanting to cease, even if for a moment.

The Somatic Science view is that happiness is within the very informational structure that makes our body live. We are born happy and then forget it - we begin to look for how's, whys and when's.

Happiness is a non-conceptual experience of energy movement which we can perceive with our senses and also via apperceptions or direct knowledge. Our being is a smooth, open evenness that naturally seeks to reconcile our past conditioning with the presence that we are moment by moment. This reconciliation, or reckoning, can funnel our attention to the direct experience to you,

The knower that, right here and right now, I am aware that you are aware that you exist.



The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-Regulation

by Stephen W. Porges PhD

The Relation Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead

by Vincent J. Felitti MD

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