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We nourish well-being within relational safety

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

An invitation to wellbeing at this very moment

Our approach is subtractive. There is no need to add health or wellbeing, when all we need is to subtract (cancel out) dis-ease. Rather than taking the stance that dis-ease (dysregulation) is an objective condition, we see it is a subjective condition (it depends on the observing point of view). All manifestations (including the physical body) are in a state of flow - merging and transforming within themselves relative to other phenomena with which there is interaction (observation or measurement). By attuning to relational safety within our own experience we promote the natural process of ease which is inherent in our biological makeup.

Most allopathic and object-oriented healing approaches are additive, and work from the assumption that the physical body is a thing made out of discrete parts rather than a subjective, holographic process of entirety. However, reason (in its foremost manifest representative, physics) is on the side of the classical approach. This affirms that as human beings we are a microcosmic process in constant omni-directional relationship with a universal macrocosmic process. Adding things to a process which we can't truly understand is unreasonable when the mere act of observation can yield so many palpable benefits.

We can experience this subtraction now, as we become willing to observe our previously implicit experience of physical existence becoming explicit to ourselves

Relational safety supports our intelligence in loving attunement to the physical experience of the body that is here, right now, sitting and reading these words. From there it could naturally proceed to the experience of the lower abdomen, the solar plexus and the chest. Possibly then our great biological intelligence might self-reflect on its experiences of the face. There, our felt experience of the world becomes explicit to our personal body. As we reflect on this face right now and allow for the heart to know how the face is, we know exactly how we feel about ourselves and the world. If we simplify, we might say that the experience is opening, closing, or somewhere in between. And we are knowing this explicitly, with readiness to update our conditioning by merging with and being transformed by the happening of the moment.

This knowing is bi-directional and subtractive; there are afferent and efferent neurons which carry energy and information to and from every body part -in this case linking the face to the chest and lower abdomen. The resulting continuous exchange of information processing experiences can be called self-regulation. Subtraction happens as one experience expands while the other contracts - they cancel each other out. This assumes that there is an observing intelligence (you) that can extend itself to different body areas. This observing capacity is built on top of hard-wired autonomic homeostasis (the intelligence sending the contract-expand signals required for blood circulation and respiration at this very instant).

This form of curiosity is simple and efficient, no addition is required. It can reveal a new world of experience, a world that is in continuous flux -opening, closing, or in between.

When we get together with friends, we exchange much valuable being-information at an implicit, organic level. We come into contact with others, express ourselves outwardly and simultaneously collect valuable information from their expression. Self-regulation requires the same of us, but from the outside inwards -and explicitly. Without it, co-regulation is still possible yet to a lesser degree. Self-regulation and co-regulation are friends.

Even by mentioning this topic right here and now, we might be cognizant how our organic experiences are trending.

Reasoning in this way, self-regulation can be of at least two types:

Dorsally mediated

Ventrally mediated

Dorsally mediated refers to a lower autonomic process more closely associated to core functions of blood circulation, respiration, digestion, hormone secretion, and immune responses.

Ventrally mediated refers to a higher autonomic process associated with attending to the present moment environmental circumstances of the organism. Once the dorsal processes are balanced and steady, the ventral aspect of the nervous system has enough resources to permit us to engage socially within ourselves and with others in the present moment environment. The Somatic Science approach results from the most synergetic interaction between knowledge and the reality of human experience here and now. We study the trajectory of our felt experience from dorsally mediated states of regulation to fully ventrally-mediated states.

When there is sufficient energy in this channel, we have a capacity for further curiosity and openness, proceeding from a localized heart to one that has no center.

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