Encounters Within Happiness

Happiness is simply the absence of suffering. It is knowing that all is well regardless of circumstance.

Within the neurocognitive model of Somatic Science™, 
suffering is an experience that is generated by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) when in a state called the threat response cycle. Due to the intensity of the experience and its origin in evolutionary biology, human beings tend to fully identify with this experience. 


When we are happy, we are calm, clear, fulfilled and at peace. These are other experiences that result:

• Body relaxation - RESTORATION
• Regulation of blood pressure
• Muscular ease
• Regulation of cardiovascular rhythm / tone
• Regulation of digestive processes
• Attunement of the central and autonomous 
  nervous systems
• Improvement of vital energy circulation in the
  body/mind experience

• Clarity of thought - Reason


All are welcome!

Federico works as a specialist in somatic psychotherapy in the US, Mexico and Central America. He has studied and experienced nondual psychology since 1995 with the Gurdjieff Foundation of San Francisco, the tradition of Zhineng Qigong (Direct Wisdom in Action) since 2006 and then the teachings of Jean Klein, Robert Adams in transmission from his disciples Laura and Francis Lucille.