Here is a simple dialectic that you can experiment with right here, right now:

- As you  s l o w l y  move your head and look around the place where your body is located, ask yourself sincerely:

Is it true that right here, right now, all is not well? Is it really true?

- If the answer is no from your experience, then you have made it explicitly known to yourself that all is well. You can enjoy as you wish...

- If you the answer is yes, you can choose to notice these categories of your experience:

+bodily sensations

+sense perceptions (of the environment)

+thoughts or images

Once you have noted these experiences as a whole, you have created an experiential object with which we relate as follows ->


I know it as a bodily manifestation. I know myself NOT to be that.

The catalyst for the insight into our true nature is: Does this experience know that I know that it is there?

This is the equivalent of letting a part of you know that you know that it exists, that you love it. It can only surrender to your love, it can no longer resist. It was created in an environment where it perceived that love was lacking, but now You are here to restore it to love, and to restore yourself as a whole.

Joy or Happiness, is simply to know that all is well regardless of circumstances. It is the absence of psychological (mind-induced) suffering. We inquire about this in a natural way by supporting relational safety within the nervous system. Sometimes we need to let the nervous system complete threat responses so that it can be up-to-date with the regular flow of life in this present moment.


Even when circumstances are not favorable to comfort (such as illness or other dis-ease) we can still be happy.

The primary point of entry to the experience of happiness is ALWAYS right here, right now.