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Our Essential Nature is NonDual Unity

Our conscious experience is localized to our biological makeup, our body. One of its manifold capabilities is to perceive energy via the nervous system in the form of information that our brain can process.


Our nervous system is a superlative, parallel processor of environmental sensory information that allows consciousness to become located in space and time via interoception and exteroception. Out of these we later develop explicit (voluntary) behaviors (such as reading these words right now) and localized apperception (the foundation for reasoning).

Another of its manifold capacities is the one that we are 
interested in here: The capacity to reflect consciousness itself. This reflection is permanent and unchanging at a non-localized (global) level. But for us in a human experience we must make apparent efforts to merge with the non-local viewpoint of reality.

If you are interested in this information and wish to further expand our dialog, please click or tap here.

The supreme degree of healing is love.

Love is what guides the craft and without it no one can be called Healer. Speaking and saying nice words happen by opening the mouth. Helping and being useful happen by opening the heart.


The healer comes from Spirit, grows in the heart and is perfected with the natural light of experience. Nowhere is love greater than in the heart of a true healer.


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