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Retiros | Talleres de trabajo | Clases | Jueves, 2021

Live Online 10:00 - 11:30H  PST | 19:00 - 20:30H CET | 11:00 - 12:30H CDMX

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Encuentro grupal terapéutico

¡Todos son bienvenidos!

  • Most respondents (82%) concluded that the guiding method through the principles allowed them to better understand how to implement curiosity through their body and connect with the outside environment and others. This suggests that they discovered that the experiment helps them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world around them.

  • Most respondents (91%) mention that they found it difficult to be curious without extraneous thoughts. This suggests that they are learning how to focus their attention and to let go of unhelpful thoughts (apperceptions).

  • Many participants (63%) admitted that they need to practice the experiment in connection to others and with direction, in a safe context. This suggests that they are finding that the experiment is most effective when they are able to receive support from others.

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Class pages are a precious learning tool

Each class date has a class page which you can access even if you could not make it. You must commit to attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions to view the recordings and class pages.

Class pages contain all of the class slides, audio recordings and additional footage of the instructor with exercises and other relational experiments. PARTICIPANT VIDEO RECORDINGS ARE NOT MADE PUBLIC PER THE REQUIRED CLASS AGREEMENT.


Federico trabaja como especialista en psicoterapia somática en Estados Unidos, México y Centroamérica. Ha estudiado y experimentado psicología no dual desde 1995 con la Fundación Gurdjieff de San Francisco, la tradición de Zhineng Qigong (Sabiduría Directa en Acción) desde 2006 y luego las enseñanzas de Jean Klein, Robert Adams en transmisión de sus discípulos Laura y Francis Lucille.

What you get & How you get it

What you receive in exchange for your fee:

  • 990 minutes+ of group instruction & experiments

  • 60 minutes of individualized, focused support

  • 11 class pages with multimedia recordings & tools

  • 11 self-paced online experiments

  • Hours of delicious social engagement in a safe, beautiful, enjoyable and warm environment (to be alive now)

What you will learn:

  • How to recognize the remains of incomplete threat response cycles (TRCs) in your life, and how to help complete them, letting go of unhappiness.

  • How to regulate your nervous system and explore a new attitude towards happiness.

  • Clearly distinguish creativity & reasoning from mechanical "thinking".

  • Discover the raw experiences that our nervous system needs for safety, regulation, social engagement and curiosity.

  • Discover and practice facial attunement, cognition and metacognition to support curiosity, discovery, pleasure and social engagement.

  • How nondual awareness is our birthright, not a metaphysical rarity.


It only takes a few minutes to try the experiment and prove to our self that all I need is to really wish to be happy. Lasting happiness is an attainable reality waiting for us to actualize, yet we MUST change our perspective and dedicate energy and care for this to flower in our lifetime.

Using the awesome implications of the polyvagal theory together with crystal-clear nondual insight, we can blend science and nonduality together in a rigorous and lighthearted way.

The experience of the present moment is not a metaphysical experience, it requires that our biology be sufficiently regulated to support a subtle attention to outer, inner, and in-between phenomena. Only then can we truly be in the flow life, which is the flow of Now.

Those who tried this approach have discovered very special things about happiness:

Group Healing 2013 (2016_01_11 18_43_24 UTC).jpg

Our classes are just as effective online as they are in person

La felicidad es un sentimiento placentero y enérgico que se demuestra mediante signos palpables como alegría, diversión, júbilo, alegría, distensión, satisfacción ... El motivo del encuentro es celebrar y comprobar directamente que la felicidad es una cualidad de nuestro Ser, y no el producto o el resultado de un proceso. También podemos observar en nuestra experiencia directa algunos o todos estos resultados, propiedades de la felicidad:

• Relajación corporal - RESTAURACIÓN
• Regulación de la presión arterial
• Facilidad muscular
• Regulación del ritmo / tono cardiovascular
• Regulación de procesos digestivos
• Sintonización de lo central y lo autónomo
  sistema nervioso
• Mejora de la circulación de energía vital en el
  mente de cuerpo
Comuníquese conmigo si desea participar pero no puede pagar el costo. Todas las solicitudes razonables son respetadas. Consulte la escala móvil a continuación.
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