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La ciencia del Bien Estar

The Essence of our experience is

Non-conceptual integrity

Enjoying life with total integrity happens by itself, as we liberate ourselves from the slavery of thought. Our innate curiosity then lives in freedom, with great enthusiasm, energy and dedication. This is the seed of creativity; growing firmly on the earth while pushing through, budding and flowering towards the edge of the unknown. We then discover that our own self already IS the absolute peace and beauty that has never not been who I AM.

The Essential purpose of life is the experience of Happiness

Happiness is the natural experience of all young children. It is the sustained joy of simply being in harmony with what is. As adults we can rediscover this happiness, independent of circumstance or outcome. Even if we do not experience "spiritual" inclinations, our innate drive from the womb is to move towards contentment, safety and enjoyment. The experience of happiness can also take the form of contentment & wellbeing.

The core of the human happiness requires


The experience of safety is based on the physiology of perception. This perception is happening right now, outside and inside our bodies. When there are no threats present outside, but we still feel unsafe this indicates that our nervous system has suffered a traumatic event. This leads to nervous system dysregulation masked by, symptoms of bodily, mental and emotional dis-ease. See how you can feel safe & whole again.

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