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Somatic Science® is a non-pathologizing approach that supports the nervous system to achieve regulation, relaxation, and harmony with oneself and the environment. It fosters self-attunement and self-regulation, leading to self-discovery, presence, joy, and peace. The goal is to enjoy life with happiness, focusing on the present moment rather than dwelling on diagnoses or problems. Unhappiness, viewed as discomfort with oneself, often stems from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) causing developmental or persistent trauma. Happiness, defined as the absence of suffering, is independent of circumstances and remains constant once discovered. The approach utilizes the scientific method and disciplines like Somatic Experiencing and The Polyvagal Theory for practical application in everyday life.

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  • Insurance is NOT accepted

  • The cost of a 50 minute consult is $160

  • The cost of an 80 minute consult is $180

  • If your Income is below $75K you may qualify to pay less

  • This is for you if you are interested in healing, and it is NOT for you if you are interested in therapizing yourself.

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