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Healing & Wellness Qigong Retreat | July 13-23 2017

Our summer 2017 retreat is a real opportunity to make lasting & profound changes to the quality of your health and life. Regardless of where you are on the path of life, we intend this retreat as a springboard into new life possibilities for all participants. This retreat consists of 3, 5, 7 or 11 days of intense practice, meditation and lectures with special morning focus sessions on July 14-16 (Inner and Outer vision) and July 21-23 (Healing the Nervous System). There will be special afternoons with focus on Healing Self & Others throughout the retreat.
July 13 - 23, 2017
10:30AM - 5:30PM non-residential
Includes tuition & daily snacks
All are Welcome!

Jianshe, Dani and Fede were brought together by their love of the qigong way of life in 2010. Since then, they have developed a powerful teaching alchemy based on humbleness, simplicity, kindness, fierce compassion and inner silence. After many decades of inner cultivation, their passion to share the qigong way with others comes from these shared experiences, and of kinship with all.
This retreat is open to all participants
No previous experience is required