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What we do: This is a professional somatic education consultancy specializing in a form of relational neural modeling that results nervous system regulation. The result of nervous system regulation is the experience of peace, calm and tranquility. This is coupled with the perception of safety both in the external (out there) and internal (inside your body) environments. If you have experienced inescapable situations in your life, regardless of content, our approach can support your nervous system to become regulated by re-solving incomplete aspects of the threat response cycle (TRC) happening inside of your autonomic nervous system (ANS). This can support your ANS (especially your vagus nerve) to become up-to-date with the safety of the present moment - here and now.

Watch a demonstration of a session with therapeutic & dialectical inquiry at its core:

How we work: This therapeutic approach is a clinical application of the polyvagal theory with relational modeling and dialectical inquiry. For extreme cases, we couple that with Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy.

Rather than asking you about your thoughts regarding your experience, we ask your body -your nervous system. To benefit from this approach, you must be committed to your own happiness, which is peace and tranquiity.

Somatic Science uses the scientific method and metacognition to greatly reduce or minimize unhappiness (developmental trauma). We incorporate SE, the polyvagal theory, parts-work and relational dynamics to this end.   In this view, unhappiness is simply being uncomfortable with oneself most or all of the time. It results from adverse childhood experiences (ACE) that cause developmental or persistent trauma. Happiness is simply the absence of suffering - peace, calm and equanimity.  The Somatic Science approach is goal-oriented and non-pathologizing.

​Cost per session:  $160 for 50 minutes | $180 for 80 minutes

Insurance accepted: No  

Sliding Scale: Yes (for income below $73K, students and VFW). please click here to view this document.

Therapeutic modalities: Somatic Science therapeutic and dialectical Inquiry, polyvagal parts work, Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Experiencing touch work, Zhineng Qigong training.

LocationOnline | Encinitas, California

                    Office | Encinitas, California

In cases dealing with previously diagnosed medical disorders we consult with your primary caregiver prior to initiating individual consults.  

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