How we work: We are a professional therapeutic consultancy specializing in healing developmental (acquired) trauma. This therapeutic approach focuses on physiology and neurocognition, not psychology. This means that rather than asking you about your thoughts regarding your experience, we ask your body -your nervous system. To benefit from this approach, you must be committed to your own happiness; peace and tranquiity.

​Cost per session:  $150 for 50 minutes | $175 for 80 minutes

Insurance accepted: No  

Sliding Scale: Yes (for income below $73K, students and VFW). please click here to view this document.

Therapeutic modalities: Somatic ScienceTM therapeutic and dialectical Inquiry, IFS parts work, Somatic ExperiencingTM, Somatic ExperiencingTM touch work, Zhineng Qigong training.

LocationOnline | Encinitas, California

Watch a demonstration of a session with therapeutic & dialectical inquiry at its core:

Our approach is not comparable to psychotherapy. We explore the core goal of human existence -happiness

In cases dealing with previously diagnosed medical disorders we consult with your primary caregiver prior to initiating individual consults.