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The essence of this approach

Somatic Science™ uses the scientific method and metacognition to greatly reduce or minimize unhappiness (developmental trauma). We also incorporate SE™, the polyvagal theory, parts-work and relational dynamics to this end. 

In this view, unhappiness is simply being uncomfortable with oneself most or all of the time. It results from adverse childhood experiences (ACE) that cause developmental or persistent trauma. Happiness is simply the absence of suffering - peace, calm and equanimity.

The aim of our approach is to enjoy life; no more and no less.

The Somatic Science™ approach is goal-oriented and non-pathologizing. In summary, it works like this:



Relational Safety Experiments 2022.png

Methodology Summary:

a. Locate our experience inside the body: Discover and explore the qualities of our experience that indicate that we are alive, at the implicit and explicit levels.

b. Locate our experience outside the body: Experience how as a result of being alive, our biology has evolved a procedural mechanism to achieve safety.

c. Blend the experiences inside and outside of the body via apperception and metacognitionDiscover the simplicity of the experience of the present moment without reference to concepts (thinking).

d. Refer our blended experiences to our face: Re-boot the relational mechanisms in the vagus nerve by mobilizing incomplete motor expressions in the face (and other body areas).

e. Restart the attitude of curiosity via the facial present-moment sensors: Use exploratory orienting to detect the external environment and become open to discovery of new experiences.

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