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Somatic Science is an orientation, not a set of techniques. The orientation is an affirmation that our reality is essentially intelligence, the energetic intelligence that renders all circumstances neutral and ultimately benevolent.

The singular aim of this approach is to experience this as our reality on an ongoing basis. 

Trauma is the single most important factor determining whether we are comfortable or uncomfortable with ourselves. Quite amazingly, trauma is also ignored by most therapeutic modalities. It is unwittingly reinforced in our society as conditioning due to its subliminal nature -its physiological basis in human survival and evolution.

Somatic Science

The supreme degree of healing is love.

Love is what guides the craft and without it no one can be called Healer.  Speaking and saying nice words happen by opening the mouth.  Helping and being useful happen by opening the heart. The healer comes from Spirit, grows in the heart and is perfected with the natural light of experience. Nowhere is love greater than in the heart of a true healer.


We use interventions such as Therapeutic Inquiry®  and Dialectical Inquiry® to disrupt and eventually undo external conditioning. This returns the experience of the human being into its rightful realm, as an ongoing experience occurring within consciousness. 

Happiness is simply the absence of suffering. It is knowing that all is well right here & now, the essence of my existence. Quite simply, it is to be comfortable with oneself unconditionally.

Trauma is manifested in the human being as suffering caused by a discomfort with present-moment consciousness - now. This suffering manifests itself to conscious awareness of the body particularly through the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. This functioning becomes entrenched (chronic) over time through external conditioning, which reinforces neural networks and pathways within the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. According to Peter Levine, the key conditions of trauma are only two: the experience of fear simultaneous with the experience of immobility.

The original external conditioning is set into the organism by threatening circumstances which cause the organism to experience a sense of separation, first as a fragmentation of its own experience (i.e. different body parts manifesting dysfunction from the whole) and then from here and now within the perceived external environment (Nature) where all is well, always. The original wound conditioning is continuously reinforced by external agents, and later in childhood becomes set into a pattern of behavioral/mental characteristics. This is at the root of adverse childhood experiences.

Therapeutic Inquiry®  investigates and heals the biological effects of the wounds of separation at the level of physiology.

Dialectical Inquiry®  investigates and heals the cognitive effects of the wounds of separation at the level of consciousness (awareness).

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