Retreats | Workshops | Meetings | September 12, 2020

Live Online  |  10:30 AM-1:00 PM PST

Dynamic Meditation:

The Shocking Freshness of Now

Please join us for a new short-format healing workshop where you can learn directly, through your actual experience.

The aim of the workshop is very simple: Experience Being the intelligent, energetic freshness and openness that is here and everywhere, right now.


Since we are addressing many ways of experiencing, here are other descriptions:


+ Neurobiological: Self-Regulation of the sensorimotor pathways linking the ANS to the CNS via the vagal network

+ Classical Chinese Medicine : Affirming the descent of Yang Qi down the central channel with ShenZhu, Observing the Yin Qi dissolve into HuiYin (pelvic floor/root chakra)

+ Internal Family Systems (The Bon) : Release the exiles that are available, observe the protectors and managers release their energy to you, the Self.

Enjoy sharing the light within with yourself and all, consciously as pure freshness, evenness & heart-felt energy.

Our workshop is dynamic meditation: noticing, acknowledging & including or welcoming the moment-to-moment experience that is flowering right now - as you read this.

Affirm the Yang,  Allow the Yin  with  Equanimity

Return to no thing, the source of every thing
Whoever is aware of writing and reading these words right here, right now, is the liberation and the joy, the source of meditation, the essence of All Is Well - 好啦


10:30AM - Affirming our heart's true intent:
Meditation - Silent with pointers
11:00AM - Restore the body & mind to heart's intent:
Practice of WisdomAbility (Zhineng) methods PTM, Chenqi, Crane's neck - Activating
Practice of WisdomAbility (Zhineng) methods Return Yang Direct - Nourishing


11:45AM - Rest
12:00PM - Nourish our common heart's intent:
Group Dialog with therapeutic inquiry - Reconcile Yin & Yang by speaking in a nourishing manner

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