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Our offerings all have the same goal: to discover, enhance and/or celebrate the causeless happiness that accompanies our being alive at this moment. Some of our retreats seek to support you in re-discovering sufficient resources for health, wellbeing and ultimately, happiness.
This happiness manifests as unconditional peace, calm and tranquility in our daily life. This happiness does not result from adding something to ourselves.

Indeed, it is our very nature. We can come to directly experience this in a simple and straightforward manner. If there is a process involved, it is the process of removing the habits of conditioning to which we have become habituated. This conditioning is sometimes called trauma and varies in its degrees of intensity.
If you find yourself interested in this reality, please contact us so that we can find a way to support you.
Currently, all of our gatherings are conducted online via teleconferencing. We will resume normal in-person gatherings as soon as possible.


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