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Retreats | Workshops | Classes | August 21-22, 2021

9:30-12:30 PST | 18:30-21:30 CET

Self-Relational Dynamics | Self-relation, Self-regulation and happiness for all

The Happiness of Being in Self-Relationship


Dear friends, You are invited and welcome to join our 2-day workshop this August 21 and 22. You can register here.


This didactic-experiential workshop combines an understanding of nervous system regulation processes together with the clarity of experiencing our reality as pure intelligence - awareness. This is the intelligence that, right here and right now, experiences this body writing while in you, it experiences awareness of this body reading.

In the light of this awareness, most nervous system processes involving threat or defense (the ones that generate a sense of "me") are down-regulated. By supporting attunement to here and now with social engagement as the new medium we can gently disrupt age-old mechanisms and support curiosity and engagement with life. This up-regulates autonomic channels (the ventral vagal network) which in the human experience are associated with true human warmth. This innate neural capacity is the basis for the curiosity we need to engage in life with authentic enthusiasm, living in self-relation with life.

Only then do our relationships with others come from love, from true understanding. Only then can we treat the (apparent) other as ourselves. Only then can an "other" truly know that we know that they exist and share their being with us, the one who is aware.

Our small group exchanges so far have resulted in ever greater clarity, joy and understanding for all. It is in these group dynamics that we've come to experience and understand how self-relational dynamics are the only objective relationships we can know from the perspective of a mind identified with bodily processes. When the autonomic nervous system is regulated, we have a unique window of opportunity to inquire into our experiences in a rich and satisfying way, in a therapeutic way that can be very healing both in the short and long terms. Over time we will naturally tend to become more interested in the knower of our experiences, and less in whatever those experiences might be.

Concurrent with the down-regulation of defense is a lessening of identification with the protective or threat-based sense of self (the mind-identified psychological entity called "me"). This in turn supports the body-mind consciousness in turning towards the experience of right here, right now, where it becomes more and more available to the realization that All is Well, Always.

Together we can put these notions to the test, as we relate from this distinct vantage point. We have the possibility of recognizing that happiness in relationship begins with I.

All participants receive a recording package containing edited practical experiments and dialogue after the workshop.

$180 /  €153 for both days | Inquire about scholarship work exchange

Participants whose 1st language is not English can request translation to Spanish or Italian where needed for comprehension


Ask yourself sincerely: Is it true that right here, right now, all is not well? Is it really true?

If the answer is yes, then an objectified part (a nervous-system generated fragment) is unrelated from you, the witness of the truth of experience at this moment.

We can look into noticing, acknowledging and then naturally welcoming these fragments. As these objects begin to know that you know that they exist (you love them), they release their energy and information to you, they come up to date with the flow of life, you come into your own presence and rejoice...because All is Well.

This simple experiment applies at all times, when alone or when with "others". You can try it at any time and verify its goodness for yourself...