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The Core of Human Happiness Requires Safety

The supreme degree of healing is love.

Love is what guides the craft and without it no one can be called Healer. Speaking and saying nice words happen by opening the mouth. Helping and being useful happen by opening the heart.


The healer comes from Spirit, grows in the heart and is perfected with the natural light of experience. Nowhere is love greater than in the heart of a true healer.


For the human being, the experience of safety is of primordial significance. Very few know what this means because this is NOT a concept. Most of us require a re-education about the basic principles of being human:

This is the simplified language that our nervous system uses to communicate with us:

1. Aperception (thoughts, images, memories, feelings, insights, meanings). This includes the capacity to make sense of these words right now.
2. Interoception (sense perceptions in the form of internal body sensations). This includes the sensation inside your throat right now, or the internal sensations resulting from your breathing.
3. Exteroception (sense perceptions of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch). This includes watching and hearing this video right now, or the sensation of pressure on your body from sitting or standing.
4. Behavior (voluntary and involuntary motor expressions)
This includes breathing and your heart beating (involuntary) and also the act of reading this text right now (voluntary).


I use the Somatic Experiencing© model of trauma resolution in cases where external shock events have prevented your nervous system from successfully completing the threat response cycle. These events include physical or sexual abuse, growing up in a household where the primary caregiver suffered addictions, being engaged in military or law enforcement conflicts, falls or accidents, and certain medical interventions such as surgeries or other medical treatments.

If you are interested in this information and wish to further expand our dialog, please click or tap here.

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