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Zhineng Qigong - WisdomAbility - is a unique and precious jewel of the Great Knowledge. It illuminates both a progressive and a direct path to happiness, healing and wisdom. This progression at times involves exercises and methods; practices. At other times it simply involves the direct experiential realization of the truth of our self - conscious awareness of itself.

The path of WisdomAbility consists of one step. This one step guides one to realize that our true reality is consciousness. This consciousness operating right here, right now as the writer of these words operates equally and simultaneously as you, who reads them also right here and now.


This consciousness is impersonal, unlimited and unconditioned; thus imperishable and unchangeable. To consistently know oneself as this pure lightness is the meaning of true happiness.

In developing our human capabilities, innate capacities and health, we naturally develop our capacity for attention. Then the direct path becomes apparent. This order can change several times.

In their great wisdom, the sages who developed WisdomAbility provided both paths - the progressive and direct - to be approached simultaneously. They achieved this by infusing all practices with the perfume of direct experiential wisdom which is the background information in the universe at this very moment.

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