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The Foundations of Human Happiness: Self-regulation via relational attunement
An 8-session course - Class size limited to 12 participants

Retreats | Workshops | Classes | Thursdays, 2022 | Starts June 23

Live Online 18:00 -19:30  PST

All are welcome!


Testimonials from Class 1 Participants

Dear Federico,


...These meetings have been very valuable for me and have had lasting effects. In comparison to the sessions you had last year...I am liking your current sessions more.​


I enjoyed last year ‘s meditation and quietude. However, it felt good in the moment, but it didn’t seem to spill over into my daily life. I was counting on the actual meeting to have an hours’ piece of mind.​


Fast forward to the past few months: in these new sessions, you gave explanations, diagrams, exercises, etc. This has helped me apply the work on a daily basis. Something clicked a few weeks into your current course offering where my anxiety level has gone way down and has remained down ever since.

Crystal S.                      (read more...)


Each class date has a class page which you can access even if you could not make it. You must commit to attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions to view the recordings and class pages.

Class pages contain all of the class slides, audio recordings and additional footage of the instructor with exercises and other relational experiments. PARTICIPANT VIDEO RECORDINGS ARE NOT MADE PUBLIC PER THE REQUIRED CLASS AGREEMENT.

Class pages are a precious learning tool

Join us and re-discover your innate capacity for feeling safe, attuned to self and others.


Regardless of past experiences, we all have a resilient biological structure. Even in the event of severely adverse childhood experiences, we can learn to thrive.

According to Somatic Science™ the foundation of happiness is relational safety. Relational safety is usually implicit, but we seek to explore it explicitly within our lived experience of this moment and this place. 

If you have experienced endurance trauma, PTSD, CPTSD or any form of ACEs, this class is for you.

  • Experience and learn natural self-regulation (happiness) via titrated metacognition 

  • Learn about and cultivate the experiences of metacognition, neurocognition, exteroception, interoception and apperception

  • Understand how parts of the self are generated and maintained by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) - and how to release them safely

  • Understand the role of the threat response cycle (TRC) and its connection to adverse childhood experiences (ACE)s in generating and maintaining nervous system dysregulation (unhappiness)

  • Understand implicit objects and how to render them explicit via titrated metacognition & self-relational touch

  • Learn to understand human experience as a blend of perceptual and non-perceptual content

Experiential Course Objectives


Within the neurocognitive model of Somatic Science™, 
dysregulation is an experience that is generated by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) when in a state called the threat response cycle. Due to the intensity of the experience and its origin in evolutionary biology, human beings tend to fully identify with this experience. During the course we safely access, discharge and lovingly acknowledge this pure energy that has ensured our survival for decades. Somatic Science™ is a discipline born of insight. It is a neurogulatory model base on dialectical self-relation.

Please contact me if you wish to participate but cannot afford the cost. All reasonable requests are honored. See sliding scale to the side.

Federico works as a specialist in Somatic Science in the US, Mexico and Central America

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Our classes are just as effective online as they are in person

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