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About Federico G. Anguiano

Group healing encounter

I am fortunate to have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows in life. This enables me to speak with authority and clarity about the subject of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Without a doubt, liberation is possible.

Not everyone is exposed to such extremes and may feel no need to find the ultimate solace.

However, everyone whose life has been touched by difficult circumstances can discover and actualize a life unhindered by trauma.   

In my experience the journey of life is without a doubt a journey of healing, which is to be whole. Our wholeness exists as a potentiality which the journey of living can come to actualize if we are afforded the right circumstances.

Regardless the degree of your troubles, I trust that the resources on this site can be of support to you in your healing journey.

Federico G. Anguiano SEP CMQ works as a practitioner of Somatic Science, a discipline he has developed over the last 15 years.
Federico is also certified as a trauma healing practitioner using Somatic Experiencing™ and medical qigong. He is a Certified Qigong Instructor trained in China and a qualified SE™ teaching assistant for all levels of training. 


I have developed a comprehensive method that utilizes the systematic awareness of the body-mind in addressing nervous system dysfunction or dysregulation. It is a stand-alone neurocognitive training approach that integrates neurocognitive, dialectical, bioenergetic and affective information processing grounded in presence. The process entails tracking (following in detail) the sequential experiences associated with unassimilated somatosensory & sensorimotor reactions, such as motor expression (movement) impulses, muscular tension, trembling and various other micro-movements, as well as and changes in posture, breathing and heart rate.

This is an educational method that successfully reduces or eliminates the psychosomatic effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and accumulated chronic stress, including anxiety and depression. It works at the level of physiology, which is where true and lasting change happens.

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