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About Federico G. Anguiano 

Federico G. Anguiano is a spiritual teacher and eduacator serving others  as a practitioner of Somatic Science®, an approach to self-regulation and realization he has developed over the last 20 years.
Federico is also certified as a trauma healing practitioner using Somatic Experiencing® and medical qigong. He is a Certified Qigong Instructor trained in China and a qualified SE® teaching assistant for all levels of training. 



I am fortunate to have very likely experienced the highest highs and lowest lows in this life. This enables me to speak with authority, clarity (and great relief) about the subject of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Without a doubt, liberation is possible. Self-realization is a potentiality that is present for you right now, should you truly wish to actualize it.

Not everyone is exposed to such extremes and may feel no need to find the ultimate solace that is self-realization. However, everyone whose life has been touched by difficult circumstances can discover and actualize a life unhindered by trauma.   

In my experience the journey of life is without a doubt a journey of healing, which is to be whole. Our wholeness exists as a potentiality which the journey of living can come to actualize if we are afforded the right circumstances.

Regardless the degree or intensity of your need for relief, I trust that the resources on this site can be of support to you in your healing journey.

I have developed a comprehensive method that utilizes the systematic awareness of the body-mind in addressing nervous system dysfunction or dysregulation. It is a stand-alone neurocognitive training approach that integrates neurocognitive, dialectical, bioenergetic and affective information processing grounded in presence. 

What I offer: A professional somatic education consultancy specializing in a form of relational neural modeling that results nervous system regulation. The result of nervous system regulation is the experience of peace, calm and tranquility. This is coupled with the perception of safety both in the external (out there) and internal (inside your body) environments. If you have experienced inescapable situations in your life, regardless of content, our approach can support your nervous system to become regulated by re-solving incomplete aspects of the threat response cycle (TRC) happening inside of your autonomic nervous system (ANS). This can support your ANS (especially your vagus nerve) to become up-to-date with the safety of the present moment - here and now.

How we work: This healing approach is a clinical application of the polyvagal theory that relies on a form of non-dual dialectical inquiry. For cases of great difficulty, we couple this with Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy.

Rather than asking you about your thoughts regarding your experience, we ask your body -your nervous system. To benefit from this approach, you must be committed to your own happiness, which is peace and tranquiity.

It works, in essence, like this:

a. Locate our experience inside the body: Discover and explore the qualities of our experience that indicate that we are alive, at the implicit and explicit levels.

b. Locate our experience outside the body: Experience how as a result of being alive, our biology has evolved a procedural mechanism to achieve safety.

c. Blend the experiences inside and outside of the body via apperception and metacognition: Discover the simplicity of the experience of the present moment without reference to concepts (thinking).

d. Refer our blended experiences to our face: Re-boot the relational mechanisms in the vagus nerve by mobilizing incomplete motor expressions in the face (and other body areas).

e. Restart the attitude of curiosity via the facial present-moment sensors: Use exploratory orienting to detect the external environment and become open to discovery of new experiences.

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