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Stress & Anxiety Disorder Specialty : Healing Insomnia

Our approach in healing insomnia supports and emphasizes:
+ Focus on the completion of all practical matters during day-time
+ Advanced, yet simple sleep hygiene
+ Decoupling day-time vigilance from night-time activities
+ Re-negotiating physiological dysfunction via therapeutic self-touch
+ Differentiating  "the trigger" of anxiety / fear to not sleeping
+ Exploring ways of being during the day that help face our fears
+ Gradual tapering of sleep medication, where indicated in
   consultation with physician
We help heal insomnia by treating it as a night-time manifestation of day-time stress or anxiety. Barring other systemic physiological illness, the process of recovering from insomnia is straight-forward and simple. Depending on the causative factor however, recovery might be slowed if the insomnia symptoms are a co-ocurring symptom of C-PTSD.
We offer a repeatedly successful approach to help you sleep peacefully. More importantly, the recovery will be based on your greatly increased day-time wellbeing.
I developed this treatment for insomnia by healing myself from over a decade of sleeplessness. I use a combination of common sense, neurophysiology and classical Chinese medicine techniques to isolate and heal the different elements that cause us to stay awake at night: 
Worry, anxiety, task-completion, behavior completion, day-time self-care, underlying chronic illness, sleep ritual, sleep hygiene and night-time self-care.
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