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Dealing with anxiety - the way of Oneness

The classical foundations of traditional wisdom draw their strength and transformative power from awareness. Awareness not of things, but of awareness itself.

This is the one who at this very moment is aware of all objects: my body sitting, typing, breathing, thinking and looking, hearing the sounds in the environment. Beyond them am I, knowing these things. This knowing is telling this body how and what to write. Without any effort, I am with you -knower of yourself before any objects - beyond any circumstances.

Simultaneously right here and now your body is breathing, sitting or lying down listening, thinking, perhaps holding something in its hands. You are the one who is aware of it, knowing these things. You are beyond the things.

The way if oneness is very simple. I know that you are there, ever attentive. Now you know that I know you. I also know that you know me, being aware of you.

In this recognition the world of duality can dissolve - we are one - and the experiences of the body may begin to correspond with our true reality. This experience can begin to become alive, smooth and even, as though it were filled with emptiness. This is the plenitude of abundant emptiness. As these words are written and then read by you, your true authority becomes known to you again.

The human being is the meeting place of heaven and earth

The way of oneness is very simple. When we apply our intelligence to the world of things that can be known, they are instantly affected by this intelligence - the light of wisdom. This created world begins to know that it is being re-cognized, known again.

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