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Self-Relational Trust is Happiness

Hello, dear friend!

Today I am sharing with you two video segments that I suggest you will enjoy in many ways. I aim to show how the life of consciousness dissolves all confusion in a flash of energy.

You are the one who is are aware of your physical body reading these words and your mind pondering them; and as the writing happens, I am the one who is aware of my body thinking and writing them. We share our being beyond the time and the space where these happenings take place.

I am not the content of life right now, nor are you. I am whoever it is that is silently witnessing it right here and now.

Now, this week we address the simplicity of the fact that human happiness is not only possible, but that the heavy fetters that apparently impede us in the path to peace and tranquility are mostly of our own creation - through the happenings and vicissitudes of life. Even if unwittingly, as the cloak of unconsciousness dissolves we may realize our implicit consent in abandoning our destiny to the inevitable dimming of consciousness - suffering.

Somatic Science aims to convert the implicit into the explicit, thus releasing the energy of pure awareness to its rightful steward - You.

Whether we call this trauma, a psychological problem, bad genes or an unfavorable star, we can now know without the shadow of a doubt that whatever challenges us in our rightful striving towards peace and tranquility is not of a metaphysical nature.

While we can experiment with this possibility in many ways. Here we suggest that a combination of physiology and conditioning result in our object-based psychology - and that this psychology can only be discredited by seeing its effects in action.

We can use our understanding of the polyvagal theory to deconstruct some of the autonomic processes that regulate energy management within the human body, and find out a new use for this energy - and attend with complete fidelity to whoever it is that we are.


Here is a relational segment regarding how we might love our challenges and impediments.


Here is a segment describing the energy management process we call "social labeling".


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