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The essence of this approach

Somatic Science® is highly effective at supporting your nervous system to become regulated, relaxed and harmonized with itself & the external environment. This approach helps you to develop a basic capacity for self-attunement and self-regulation, which are essential for satisfying relationships with yourself and others.  Ultimately, this approach can result in a depth and breadth of self-discovery, presence, joy and peace that most spiritual traditions claim to be impossible or extremely rare.

The aim of our approach is to enjoy life with happiness; no more and no less. It is not to focus on diagnoses, understand our problems or spend many years analyzing them. When we are happy, we are simply BEING the present moment, where psychological problems do not exist. There might be challenges, and in presence we can resolve them with responsibility and care. 

In this approach, unhappiness is simply being uncomfortable with oneself (or others) most or all of the time.  This discomfort makes it very hard to be present in our life, because we do not feel safe. Then we become stuck and resist our life. Unhappiness usually results from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that cause developmental or persistent trauma. Happiness is simply the absence of suffering - peace, calm and equanimity. This happiness is independent from circumstances and does not substantially change once you discover it.

​​The Somatic Science® approach is oriented to happiness and is non-pathologizing. It uses the scientific method and science-based theories & disciplines: Somatic Experiencing and The Polyvagal Theory. These are put to practical use in everyday life as an internal self-discovery method that can become the foundation for a new life, lived in harmony with self and others.

This approach is a distillation of insights arising from and grounded in abiding self-realization. If you truly wish, you may experience this as your true reality, when you will know that liberation and joy are what you are made of, and that nothing has ever actually been wrong.

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