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On the edges of Silence

Today I am sharing with you a new audio recording of a meeting with friends. In it we investigate, find out and discover the silent reality of our being. The simple act of looking is sufficient to know who we really are, Right now!

We are like a sun shining light, rendering the reality of the objective world into existence. As these objects are rendered, they cast a multiplicity of individual shadows.

In forgetting that we are the sun and its light we begin to identify first with the objects, then with the shadows they cast. The shadow exists because there is an object, and the object exists because there is the light that allows it to be perceived. We are beyond objects, shadows and light. We are the unknowable sun. Our being is unknowable since our light is so strong that it blinds any looker. The source of the light renders itself invisible, unknowable with its great intensity.


We are the sun beyond perception, yet we spend our lives in the shadows. They are cast by the personal objects called "me". These "me" objects turn out to be generated and managed by our biology through the workings of the autonomic nervous system. In line with the natural laws that created them, we can easily see and discover how the mechanisms of identification work.

First we need to realize, to experience, that our reality is that of consciousness. It is not an object and therefore cannot be seen directly. We can however experience it directly.

Right here and now, as my body writes and your body reads, are we not aware of this experience? Perhaps, dear reader, you might have been operating exclusively in the realm of objects. (I am my body/mind/feelings). But now, if you wish, you can easily know that you are not an object (I am whoever it is that is aware of this body/mind/feelings). The body responds to you by relaxing. It is meant to be your servant, your agent in this world.

Why let this servant command you, control you with its every whim, mood and thought?

We have a choice, always, at this very moment. Surrender yourself to the pure energy behind the experiences of the body. In that act of non-doing, you surrender yourself to the world, and instantly overcome it because our reality is the unknowable sun beyond all manifestation.

Thank you

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