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Glimpses into the truth of our self

Hello dear friends! The creativity of our being is endless. For me creativity manifests in the form of gatherings or happenings.

Within these happenings, the truth has a tendency to want to know itself. Regardless of the transparency and clarity with which our reason might be endowed, the truth remains simple.

Right here and now as I am aware of my body writing, might you, dear reader, be aware of your body reading? Then we have established a connection beyond time and you are the knower of I.

Only then can one really live the happy tidings of our dreams. All is well, because I am.

Following are several excerpts from our meetings, which you are welcome to join. If you are interested in WisdomAbility - or what has been known as Zhineng Qigong - you might be interested in joining us for this.


Listening to the music of love


The simplicity of our being


The basis for bi-directional attention


Finding our true depth in sadness


Dis-arming the shame mechanism - Desarmando la vergüenza

Whoever is aware of writing & reading these words right here, right now, is the source of meditation; the fulfillment of all lack; the pure essence that I Am
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