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Self-Relational Dynamics 
Therapeutic Group Encounter

Join us and celebrate yourself, the wisdom that you already are, consciously experienced and witnessed.

According to Somatic Science® the foundation of happiness is relational safety. Relational safety is usually implicit, but we explore it explicitly within our lived experience of here, now. Relational safety is to know oneself as a whole together with whatever may be our experience at any given moment.

As long as our experience is managed by the DVC we are living in a world of relative threat. Only when the autonomic nervous system engages the VVC can we begin to feel safe and enjoy our humanity - unconditional presence.


This can be seen without recurring to abstractions since

Somatic Science® uses the experiences of the body, mind and feelings.

It uses them in order to demonstrate in action that whoever we are, it is neither the body, the mind or the feelings. It is only because we habitually and unwittingly ignore the body, mind and feelings that we are so distraught by and fully identify with them. Our group dynamics investigate this with warmth, humor and rigorous clarity.

Recordings - Recent Group Dynamics

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