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The Happiness of Being in Relationship

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Meditation in Exchanges with Oneself

Dear friends, You are invited and welcome to join our 2-day action-oriented meditation workshop this August 21 and 22. You can register here

This didactic-experiential workshop combines an understanding of nervous system regulation processes together with the clarity of experiencing our reality as pure intelligence in the meditation of life.

This is the intelligence that, right here and right now, experiences this body writing while in you, it experiences awareness of this body reading.


In the light of this awareness, most nervous system processes involving threat or defense (the ones that generate a sense of "me") are down-regulated. We support attending to here and now with social engagement as the new medium. Together, we gently disrupt age-old social conditioning and support curiosity and engagement within ourselves. This enhances the experiences associated with true relational warmth and meaning. The innate neural capacity in our biology is the basis for the curiosity we need to engage in life with authentic enthusiasm, living in self-relation with life.


As we support the autonomic nervous system towards regulation, we have a unique window of opportunity to inquire into our experiences in a rich and satisfying way, in a therapeutic way that can be very healing both in the short and long terms.

Only then do our relationships with others come from love, from true understanding. Only then can we treat the (apparent) other as ourselves. Only then can an "other" truly know that we know that they exist and share their being with us, the one who is aware.

Experiences always consist of a blend composed of bodily sensations, sense perceptions of the environment, and thoughts (images or concepts). Over time we identify with them and thus become conditioned to see our them as though they were objects. This includes everything, including other people and ourselves.

Concurrent with the down-regulation of biological defense is a lessening of identification with the protective or threat-based sense of self (the mind-identified psychological entity called "me"). Here our objectified sense of self and "other" can shift towards a fresh openness and curiosity.

This supports the body-mind consciousness in turning towards the experience of right here, right now, where it becomes more and more available to the realization that All is Well, Always.

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