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Trauma & PSTD Healing Specialty : ALANON / ACA / SIA Support

Those of us who've had a childhood or adult experience with an alcoholic, para-alcoholic or codependent narcissist (qualifier) can grow to see that we suffer challenges which manifest as dysfunctional thinking, feelings and behaviors.
These result from physiological processes coupled with cognitive, affective and behavioral patterns that cannot be adequately addressed by conventional approaches. This specific approach is closely coupled with that for complex post-traumatic stress disorder and PTSD.

The root of my approach stems from having experienced, survived -and now thriving- after a childhood of abuse and neglect within a severely chaotic family system. The pathway to healing is clear:

1. Realize I have a problem
2. Develop the courage to admit this
3. Face the problem and find support - in group and individual healing
4. Repeat until I experience happiness in daily life - my birthright

Our approach in supporting  ALANON / ACA clients recovery:
+ Developing and enhancing inner strength and sense of worthiness
+ Gently begin the process of "feeling one's feelings"
+ Re-negotiating physiological dysfunction via therapeutic touch
+ Separating "the trigger" behavior from the alcholic and oneself
+ Rebuilding and taking responsibility for their lives
+ Gradual return to self-regulation without the use of substances
+ Learning to sense, develop, and set healthy boundaries
+ Coach clients in working the program with a mentor, the Twelve
   Steps and prayers
Although Al-Anon and later ACA were developed for loved ones of alcoholics, you don't need to be directly affected by alcoholism to benefit from participating in their programs.
The 12 Steps and basic principles of Al-Anon and ACA can be beneficial to anyone who tends towards codependency in relationships, or who developed within a dysfunctional family system.
We now know that many dysfunctional family sytems share key dynamics and components with family systems where alcoholism has played a direct role. The process of mending nervous system dysfunction is straight-forward, what is needed is to admit that it needs to be addressed.
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