About Federico G. Anguiano

Federico Garcia Anguiano, SEP, CMQ is a certified trauma healing practitioner using Somatic Experiencing™ and medical qigong. He is a Certified Qigong Instructor trained in China and a qualified SE™ teaching assistant. Federico has been practicing mindfulness-based approaches for over 20 years, and has facilitated therapeutic groups for over 16 years.



I work as an integrative facilitator, coach and instructor. I am dedicated to support happiness in every person that I meet, since this is the implicit motive for anyone seeking help in a therapeutic setting. This helps release and transformation of the symptoms of accumulated stress, chronic tension and chronic illness.

The goal is always the return to our innate happiness with great energy and enthusiasm. I gently support individuals to release and transform the symptoms and causes of accumulated stress (trauma) via pointing to our innate happiness. Our work with patients results in their improved well-being, greater self-reliance and self-confidence. It is also a therapeutic aid in reducing or eliminating chronic pain.


My approach incorporates Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Classical Medical Qigong and Non-dual playful inquiry. This integrates neurobiology, mindfulness & cognitive views with body energy awareness & spirituality. Calm & playful, I am centered on supporting you recognize your ever-present wisdom & gifts. 


I blend traditional practices & neuroscience to support the natural flow of energy & information in your life. Whether you are (re)discovering or deepening your spirituality, resolving trauma, healing from illness, recovering from addiction or seeking help for anxiety / depression, I can coach & support you.  My role is to provide guidance & practical tools that help you gain greater insight & self-acceptance while experiencing healthier relationships & deeper connections to self & others.

On offer is an integrated psycho-energetic method that successfully reduces or eliminates the psychosomatic effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and accumulated chronic stress, including anxiety and depression. It works at the level of physiology, which is where true and lasting change happens.

This is a comprehensive method that utilizes the systematic awareness of the body in treating nervous system dysfunction. It is a stand-alone therapy that goes beyond psychotherapy by integrating cognitive, energetic and emotional processing grounded in presence. The process entails mindfully tracking (following in detail) the sequential experiences associated with unassimilated sensorimotor reactions, such as motor (movement) impulses, muscular tension, trembling and various other micro-movements, as well as and changes in posture, breathing and heart rate.

I specialize in working with individuals suffering from the psychosomatic and direct physiological effects of PTSD, chronic illness / pain and childhood neglect or abuse including sexual abuse. I also work deeply with the ALANON / ACA community.

As a survivor of chronic illness and childhood trauma I have taken great interest in healing myself naturally.

This process led me to study both the Zhineng Qigong roots of classical Chinese medicine developed by Dr. Ming Pang and the Somatic Experiencing ™ model developed by Dr. Peter Levine. My work is strongly influenced by Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory.

I have been working with individuals privately and in groups since 2007. Currently I work closely with integrative medical professionals in California and privately with individuals, helping patients recover their energy and interest in living a vibrant life.


My practice has expanded to include diverse client groups that include sexually abused individuals, ALANON/ACA participants, VFW including Vietnam and Gulf, and especially those who are seeking to integrate the beauty and meaning of life beyond trauma. I facilitate weekly and bi-monthly non-dual inquiry meetings that are therapeutic for all of my client groups.

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