About Federico G. Anguiano

Federico Garcia Anguiano, SEP, CMQ works as a certified trauma healing practitioner using Somatic Experiencing™, The tibetan Bön (Internal Family Systems) and medical qigong -WisdomAbility. He is a Certified Qigong Instructor trained in China and a qualified SE™ teaching assistant. Federico has been experimenting with and enjoying non-dual inquiry for over 20 years, and has facilitated therapeutic groups for over 16 years.



This approach supports individuals in releasing and transforming the symptoms and causes of accumulated stress (trauma) via Therapeutic Inquiry® & Dialectical Inquiry®. Our work with patients results in their improved well-being, greater self-reliance and self-confidence. It is also a therapeutic aid in reducing or eliminating chronic pain.


The approach incorporates Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (tibetan Bön), Classical Medical Qigong and playful Therapeutic / Dialectical Inquiry®. This integrates neurobiology, nonduality & cognitive views with body energy awareness & freedom.

On offer is an integrated psycho-energetic method that successfully reduces or eliminates the psychosomatic effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and accumulated chronic stress, including anxiety and depression. It works at the level of physiology, which is where true and lasting change happens.

This is a comprehensive method that utilizes the systematic awareness of the body-mind in addressing nervous system dysfunction. It is a stand-alone therapy that goes beyond psychotherapy by integrating cognitive, energetic and affective information processing grounded in presence. The process entails  tracking (following in detail) the sequential experiences associated with unassimilated somatosensory & sensorimotor reactions, such as motor (movement) impulses, muscular tension, trembling and various other micro-movements, as well as and changes in posture, breathing and heart rate.

I specialize in working with individuals suffering from the psychosomatic and direct physiological effects of PTSD, chronic illness / pain and childhood neglect or abuse including sexual abuse. I also work deeply with the ALANON / ACA community.