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WisdomAbility & The physiological foundations of happiness

WisdomAbility is a distillation of Zhineng Qigong, a fully integrated classical tradition of non-dual awareness and classical Chinese medicine established by Dr. Ming Pang in the second half of the 20th century.

You are the non-localized intelligence that knows itself as both the writer and the reader of these words right here, right now.

Dr. Pang is a medical doctor as well as a classical Chinese medicine doctor. The training of a classical Chinese medicine doctor differs from that of a TCM doctor in that it includes the entire body of knowledge regarding the physical & energy bodies in human beings, and also accounts for the non-phenomenal body - the body of consciousness. This body cannot be perceived through any means of the senses or the mind since it remains beyond manifestation.

Classical Chinese medicine was forbidden to be taught in China after the cultural revolution in 1966 due to the incompatibility of the notions of absolute freedom with the dictatorial tenets of the Chinese communist party (CCP). Zhineng Qigong is Dr. Pang's way of concealing the classical knowledge of the ancient sages while promoting it to the CCP and the Chinese people as a popular health promotion movement.

Dr. Pang's studies in physiology, classical medicine and consciousness greatly aided in his capacity to transmit simply and directly the amazingly subtle and vast body of deep understanding that has been passed down for over 5000 years.

This body of knowledge includes -and in this writer's experience supersedes- the wisdom contained within the known paths to self-realization, including the Greek Gnosis of Parmenides, Platonic-Aristotelian philosophy, the Gospels of Jesus, Classical Advaita, the Gurdjieff Work, Kashmiri Shaivism, Yoga, Buddhism, Ch'an, the Tibetan Bön, Sufism and the Dao, among others that are less well known.


WisdomAbility has a singular focus: happiness, joy and contentment for the human being. In simple terms, this amounts to non-suffering, where suffering is experienced by the human being as discomfort with itself. This discomfort can be easily traced to an experience of energy (sensation) in the body that is unpleasant. When consciousness experiences the human animal in this way it becomes intensely located (identified) with the unpleasant energetic sensations.

Healing -experiencing the whole that I already & unconditionally am- is addressed with a focus on happiness or contentment being the singular aim. Any other aim tends to reinforce the primary wound, which is the innocent yet persistent belief to be exclusively an animal object located in time and space.

WisdomAbility is a new framework that includes both physiological, cognitive and energetic adaptations with the direct purpose of lovingly-mercilessly dispelling this belief, which is a figment created in the infinitely creative space of consciousness itself.

In Somatic Science we have structured this with interventions such as Therapeutic Inquiry® and Dialectical Inquiry®.

In summary, happiness is allowing for all experiences -whether seen as inner or outer- to follow their natural and irrevocably unchangeable course to fruition or flowering. This simple non-doing is the wisdom of all sages.


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